Finishing Auxiliaries

Product NameProduct Description
CATASOFT-CS Non-yellowing, ozone resistant cationic softener in paste form.
EVOSOFT-CF Textile softener for all kind of fibers, especially cellulose
CATASOFT-FF Cationic softener in flake form.
EVOSOFT-80 Textile softener for all kinds of fibers
CEVOSOFT-PF Concentrated esterquats softener in paste form
SILSOFT-DS Silicone softener that imparts natural, cooling touch with good shear stability.
SILSOFT-DS-10 Silicone softener that imparts superior smoothness and elastomeric softness.
SILSOFT-STD Hydrophilic silicone softener that imparts superior softness and smoothness with good shear stability.
EVOSOFT-SF Textile softener with full and slippery touch for all kinds of fibers

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