Pretreatment Auxiliaries

product nameproduct description
DESITEX DA Low temperature amylase based desizing agent.
REMOTEX-DS Universal oil removing, washing and wetting agent
SECOTEX-DS Complexing and sequestering agent for pretreatment & dyeing processes
SCOURTEX- DL Low Temperature Scouring Agent
REMOGENT DS-PD A nonionic wetting and scouring agent for bleaching process with hydrogen peroxide.
REMIBOOST DDL Effective detergent and oil removing agent.
PROXILL-50 Peroxide bleaching stabilizer for cellulose preparation.
DENISIZEDDR Effective detergent and sizing removing agent.
EUROCAT RX-L Catalase based peroxide removing agent used in post-bleaching operation
ANTIPEROX-80 Removal of residual peroxide after bleaching

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