Resin Finishing

Product NameProduct Description
RESITEX-GSCrosslinking agent for easy-care finishing, permanent three dimensional effects, grey shade and unwashed look
RESITEX-F80Cross linker for the formaldehyde-free, easy-care finishing of textiles composed of cellulosic fiber
RESITEX-3DUses as 3D effect increaser in resin application. Suitable after indigo dyeing
RESITEX-RTSelf- crosslinking resin finishing agent for the easy-care finishing of textiles made from cellulosic fiber material
RESITEX-NSNonionic dispersion, with some anionic character of a thermally cross-linkable acrylate
RESITEX-SCSelf-catalyst cross linker system for low-formaldehyde wash-and-wear finishes on textiles made of cellulosic fiber

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